As seen on ITV’s Lorraine! The Threadbare Luxe Linen Blazer

As summer approaches and the temperature starts to rise, it’s time to update your wardrobe with lightweight and breathable clothing that doesn’t compromise on style. When it comes to summer occasions, nothing exudes effortless elegance quite like a men’s linen suit. Linen, with its airy feel and natural fibers, is the go-to fabric for staying cool and looking sharp during those warm-weather events. Let’s delve into the world of men’s linen suits, exploring their benefits, styling tips, and why they are an essential addition to your summer wardrobe. And the best piece for summer? The Threadbare Luxe Linen Blazer – as seen on ITV’s Lorraine!

Embrace Breathability

One of the primary reasons linen suits are so popular during the summer months is their exceptional breathability. Linen is made from flax fibers, which allow air to circulate freely, keeping you cool and comfortable even in the sweltering heat. Unlike heavy wool or synthetic blends, linen suits offer excellent moisture-wicking properties, preventing the build-up of perspiration and ensuring you stay fresh throughout the day.

Effortless Elegance

Linen suits have an inherent relaxed elegance that is perfect for summer occasions. The fabric’s subtle texture adds depth and character to your ensemble, giving off a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a garden party, or a casual summer soirée, a well-tailored linen suit instantly elevates your style while maintaining an easygoing charm.

The Threadbare Linen Suit

Effortless, tailored separates unite to form a summer suit like no other. Crafted from a linen-rich blend, these lightweight linen styles from our Threadbare Luxe collection are ones to covet. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a garden party, or a casual summer soirée, a well-tailored linen suit instantly elevates your style while maintaining an easy-going charm.

Threadbare Luxe Men’s Stone Linen Blend Blazer

Tailored meets relaxed with this linen blend blazer from our Threadbare Luxe collection. For a contemporary yet classic look, the linen blend blazer can transform any outfit and bring the style factor by adding a different texture. With two single breasted button fastenings, it’s tailored with darts to the chest for shaping, and laid on pockets add a subtle level of simplicity. Team with a floral print shirt and linen blend trousers for summer weddings, or with a pair of denim jeans for a cool and stylish take on a tailored outfit.

Threadbare Luxe Men’s Stone Linen Mix Drawstring Trousers

These semi-formal trousers are the perfect blend of comfort and formality, and with a drawstring waistband, they hit the laidback luxe trend with ease. Cut in a regular fit with a turned-up hem, they have a single pleat front to the leg, elevating this everyday essential. Linen rich, these trousers will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Style your linen suit with one of our t-shirts for a laidback, summer wedding or garden party. This ecru floral tee is a great choice.

Styling Tips:

Colours: When it comes to linen suits, earthy tones and light pastels work best for capturing the essence of summer. Shades like beige, light gray, soft blue, and olive green are versatile choices that exude a relaxed yet refined look. These hues also pair well with a wide range of shirt and accessory options. Our stone Threadbare Luxe linen-rich blazer and drawstring trousers are the perfect soft shade for the summer months.

Fit: Opt for a slim or tailored fit when choosing a linen suit. While linen naturally has a more relaxed drape, a well-fitted suit ensures a polished appearance. Avoid overly baggy styles that may compromise the overall sharpness of the ensemble.

Shirts: Pair your linen suit with a lightweight, breathable shirt. Crisp white shirts are a classic option that complements any linen suit, but you can also experiment with pastel shades or subtly patterned shirts for a touch of personality. Linen or cotton shirts with a spread or button-down collar are ideal choices for a sophisticated summer look.

Accessories: Complete your ensemble with carefully chosen accessories. Opt for a silk or linen pocket square that adds a pop of color and refinement to your suit. A knitted tie or a linen-blend tie can also be a stylish addition, providing a textured contrast to the smooth linen fabric.

Suit Care:

Linen suits require a bit of extra care compared to other fabrics, but it’s well worth the effort. While the fabric naturally develops a charming, lived-in look over time, it’s essential to keep it well-maintained. Dry cleaning is best for deep cleaning, but for regular maintenance, spot cleaning or a gentle hand wash is often sufficient. Hang your linen suit to dry, and iron it while it’s still slightly damp to avoid excessive creasing.

A men’s linen suit is a sartorial investment that combines comfort, elegance, and versatility. Its lightweight and breathable nature make it an ideal choice for summer occasions, allowing you to stay cool while looking effortlessly sophisticated. By following the styling tips and proper care, you can ensure that your linen suit remains a staple in your summer wardrobe for years to come. So, embrace the timeless charm of linen and make a stylish statement at your next summer event.

Shop the blazer here and watch the show here to see how they styled the outfit!

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